Whoever thought that technology will become the creative person’s greatest ally!

Thanks to blockchain, NFTs let creators easily mint and copyright their work, listing it for sale on open marketplaces.

All of these transactions are unchangeable.

This means over time, tokens can gain value, increasing rarity and driving even more demand for creativity.

In other words, NFT can given total ownership of a creative product to the creator.

Let’s understand how.

The Creator economy

About 12 years ago, we saw a few cat and dancing wedding videos uploaded by users go viral.

Google saw an opportunity and created the Partner Program to lure content creators to the platform.

Here was the deal – create and upload great content on YT and get paid a part of the advertising revenue.

Kickstarter had another strategy, they tried to make creative projects a reality by helping a creative guy raise funds.

The Music industry jumped in

Music artistes were traumatised by Napster-induced piracy. So companies like Spotify and iTunes came in and vowed to protect the artiste by promising the ‘end of piracy’ by selling directly to the users.

Sure, the users benefited by gaining access to their fav music on their mobiles. Yet, it once again left the creators of the music feeling powerless.

Enter NFT

NFT introduced the concept of scarcity.

It gives the creators to offer limited edition pieces, signed artworks or exclusive experiences to the fans.

Inevitably, NFT marketplaces have sprouted offering the promise of better NFT marketing.

Everything is being tokenised – from tarot cards to food recipes to wood-cut illustrations.


Crypto-artists use digital tools to express themselves.

But there is also a growing tribe of artists who pay tribute to the blockchain through their art.

Let’s look at some of them.

Lucho Poletti

He is a full-time crypto artist since 2017.

His themes are related to Bitcoin and its ultra-liberal values.

Swiss Crypto Cat

His bio says ‘Life is a blockchain and then you die!”

He is the author of the CitadelVR, a VR space entirely dedicated to the crypto universe.

Andy Bauch

Andy Bauch is a practitioner of Lego-art.

By using these little childhood bricks, he manages to express complex subjects in a simple way.

Below, you see his representation of Dogecoin.