our yatra.com campaign. FEATURING gopal datt IN A NEVER-SEEN-BEFORE ROLE – The colosseum.

The legendary Neil French once said, “The first rule of humour in advertising. Be funny!”

When Yatra.com approached us to create branded content that would engage audiences, we were like – How can we do funny in a truly unique manner?


All we had to do was crack a unique idea – War of Monuments!

Then came the even easier part – Scripting four webisodes of about 4 minutes duration.

And then, we just met in a coffee shop in Lokhandwala and pitched the idea to some of India’s top comic talents.

Gopal Datt, Aahana Kumra and Sharib Hashmi.

The result was 4 days of stomach-ache induced by laughter during the shoot and some amazing content!

See it for yourself!