10 struggles every copywriter can relate to.

  1. The never-ending search for the perfect word: Is it “utilize” or “use”? “Optimize” or “improve”? The thesaurus becomes your best friend (and worst enemy) in this never-ending quest.
  2. The constant battle with writer’s block: You stare at the blank screen, willing the words to appear. But alas, they elude you. Time to turn to the trusty cup of coffee (or bottle of wine, no judgment here).
  3. The pressure to be creative, but also stick to brand guidelines: How do you make a product that’s basically a bucket sound exciting? It’s a fine line to walk.
  4. The constant battle with the inner critic: “This is terrible. I’m never going to make it as a writer. I should just give up and become a baker or something.” We’ve all been there.
  5. The never-ending revisions: “Can you make it sound more like this, but also like that? And can you add a few more buzzwords in there for good measure?” The revision process is a love-hate relationship for every copywriter.
  6. The fear of typos: One little typo can make you look like a complete amateur. It’s a constant battle to catch every last one.
  7. The struggle to make dry subjects interesting: How do you make a white paper on corporate governance sound exciting? It’s a tall order, but a copywriter’s gotta do what a copywriter’s gotta do.
  8. The endless search for inspiration: You scan your social media feeds, hoping for a spark of creativity. But alas, all you see are pictures of your friends’ vacations and pets.
  9. The pressure to be constantly up-to-date on industry trends: You don’t want to be the only one in the room who doesn’t know what “personalization” means.
  10. The never-ending battle with writer’s guilt: You have to turn down that dinner invite to finish a project. You miss your friend’s birthday party because you have a deadline. It’s a lonely, but necessary, life.

So there you have it, folks. The struggles of a copywriter are real, but we soldier on, fueled by our love of language and the hope that one day, our inner critic will shut up for good.