On August 15th, we released a digital film for Policybazar.

It featured an unlikely protagonist – an old violinist who plied his trade on the streets of Kolkata.

Within 24 hours, the film went viral garnering 5000+ shares on Facebook and 1000+ comments on Youtube.

Watch the film here.

Even Mr. Harsh Goenka, Chairman of RPG Enterprises tweeted about the film.

Raghu Bhat, Co-founder, Scarecrow M&C Saatchi said, “We wanted to tell a story that touches the heart. We started by visualizing a unique character – a street musician who is great at his craft and probably used to play at one of the great night clubs of Kolkata but doesn’t have any takers now.”

“However, when he is at his most vulnerable, he discovers that he isn’t alone but has a ‘family’ who steps up to help him. It’s a universal story of unconditional care and inherent human goodness which is relevant to insurance.”

Sharat Dhall, COO, Policybazaar also shared his thoughts on the film.

“This digital film is a journey with one central thought — the importance of a support system. The story depicted here conveys a very quiet but strong underlying message of love and support. While the end goal is undoubtedly to make people realize the importance of insurance in their lives, the parallel message of people bonding together to help someone in their time of need is more significant. 

The film does a super job of shooting this innovatively and responsibly – keeping the thought of people coming together to help, front and center. This is a message that is always relevant, but more so in these difficult times.”