QUIKR. LIVING FOODZ. CAPITAL FIRST. &Pictures. DANONE B’LUE. SCARECROW. 6 brands we built from scratch.

Scarecrow was born in 2010.

We always looked at ourselves as a challenger brand.

Our strengths were creativity, passion and a capacity to work hard.

Soon enough, we realised that there were takers for what we had to offer.

Amazingly, we found that though we were small, founders and CEOs were willing to entrust not just campaigns, but newborn brands to us as well.

This increased our confidence tremendously.

Even today, we are grateful to them.

We would like to mention some of these brands.

  1. Living Foodz – the lifestyle channel from Zee

2. &Pictures Sapnon ki udaan

3. Capital First – Keep aspiring

4. Quikr

5. Religare Health Insurance

6. Sonic – The Kids channel from Nickelodeon

7. Danone B’lue – Vitamin water